Listening to Your Kitchen Design Needs:

At Lori Chazan Custom Designs, the process of creating the kitchen of your dreams begins with a cup of coffee. That’s right. Before cabinets, counters or colors are discussed, we need to get to know you. Our goal is to understand how you live, who are the people in your family and how you work. We want to know how you live not only in your current kitchen, but also throughout your home.

Each family is unique: the perfect kitchen for your family – if designed well - will likewise be unique. What works for a family of five in Glencoe might not work as well for empty nesters living by the lake in Highland Park. Does your family have special needs? Our specialties include barrier-free kitchens (accessible to a cook dependent on a wheelchair), small kitchens, as well as accommodating large families with multiple cooks.

Who cooks in the house? Who cleans? Do you bake, love barbecue or work at home? Do your children do their homework in the kitchen? These and dozens of other questions are explored as our understanding of how to improve the quality of your life through the design and execution of the perfect kitchen comes into focus.

Over the course of two or three preliminary meetings we will come to understand what works and what doesn’t in your current kitchen, any frustrations that you might have, and when you close your eyes, what you imagine in your new space.

It is the ability to listen, to earn trust and to seek out honest answers from our clients that makes all the difference when designing your perfect kitchen.

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