Custom Cabinets:

In most kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects, no item makes up a larger portion of the budget than custom cabinetry. As such, we at Lori Chazan Custom Designs, offer some of the broadest cabinetry options to families in Highland Park, Winnetka, Glencoe and across Chicago matching the best available cabinetry for client budget and design needs.

Typically, the general term custom cabinetry is used to describe both semi-custom and fully custom cabinetry.

Semi-custom Cabinetry:

Typically, Semi-custom cabinetry refers to cabinets made to order according to the manufacturer’s optional sizes and specifications. Working within the Manufacturers offerings, selecting from the wood species, finishes, paint colors and glazes will allow the manufacturer to offer the cabinets at a better price.

However, our cabinets (even semi-custom), offer many options! If your design requires special size cabinet and components to be used, our manufacturers will accommodate without additional charge! Because it is rare that any kitchen will precisely match the standard sizes, this is a very important feature, because we don’t want compromises to be made. We will also offer options within each line on the quality. We can educate our clients and help them decide on the choices available to fit the quality and budget they are looking for. For example, solid dovetail drawers full extention, or full-extention with “soft-close”?

Another consideration when choosing semi-custom cabinetry is machine verses hand finished cabinetry that one can expect. This is when the twenty years of our experience comes into play as we choose to work only with cabinetry manufacturers whose semi-custom material, fit and finish meet our exacting standards.

Fully Custom Cabinetry:

The highest quality of premium select wood, hand-finishing and infinite style and color possibilities are the hallmark of fully custom cabinetry. Not limited to a handful of styles or a few dozen colors, the highest level of custom cabinetry can be designed and adorned exactly as you choose.

In addition, your storage needs can be matched exactly as the size, depth and number of drawers, cabinets and pullouts are limited only by our combined imagination.