A Focus on Function:

Once we understand what you want and need in your new kitchen we can begin to identify, design and recommend the functional components of the kitchen. We will offer you choices, discuss the pros and cons, and work through these discussions to narrow down the design to best accommodate your needs and desires. We will help educate you to the options that you have: whether it’s about the best use of space, the size or quantity of your appliances in that space, or explaining how a design will meet the needs of you and your family. In the end, form will follow function.

The functional components of a kitchen include the purpose, size, location and quantity of storage. It would also include determining your needs for appliances, work surfaces, seating, water sources, sinks, flooring, electrical outlets, desks and other built-ins.

For example, if yours is an active family with young children who do their homework in the kitchen we might integrate work surfaces of varying heights that are comfortable for them while also serving beautifully as a prep area or baker’s table for you.

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