Lincolnwood Kitchen Remodeling Case Study:


The kitchen is the heart of the home, which is absolutely true for this active family of eight. This kitchen is surrounded by the busy rooms of the house, the family room, the breakfast room, walk-in pantry, rear hallway, and the dining room. The family entertains weekly preparing nearly all the food at home without catering help.


The challenge was to create a beautiful, unified kitchen with excellent traffic flow, space for several people to be in the kitchen at once while providing a look that was very unique. In addition, the client required a large amount of appliances, as well as plenty of adequate storage several sets of dishes and cookware. Consideration also had to be made to ensure that each space functioned completely independently (ie. dairy food prep and cookware remains separate from meat prep and storage, which remain separate from the baking area).


The floor plan we designed focused on traffic flow in to and out of this very busy kitchen. We took advantage of each of the four separate walls to create distinct work areas, but did not remove andy doorways whose deletion would inhibit the flow of traffic. The four separate stations were designed for dairy, cooking, baking and refrigeration. There is also abundant pantry storage for frequently used items used including pullout potato and onion baskets, pull out larder pantry for oils, spices, etc. The massive center island is used for meat preparation, creating yet another dedicated space. Indeed, each work station and their cabinets has its own function, allowing several cooks to work harmoniously in this kitchen.

By lowering the height of the counter at the end of the long counter peninsula and adding table-heighth stools, we made it possible for the children to congregate with the parents during meal prepration.


By taking the time to understand how the family lived and worked together, we were able to design a kitchen that looked and functioned beautifully for this very active family of eight. Work spaces were created to not only accomodate the cooks in the household, but also to allow the children to be a part of any activity in the kitchen. To achieve the uniquely elegant look the client sought, we kept the perimeter of the cabinetry in a light paint/glazed finish, adding details and archiectural elements to the cabinets. These adornments not only provided a sense of elegance, they also created a unified, well-integrated look to this kitchen. We chose a dark walnut, furniture style Island to stand handsomely apart from the cabinets, and coordinated the island with the wide plank, hand-scraped walnut flooring. The marble counters and backsplashes are the finishing touch, giving a sophisticated yet pristine European feel to this one-of-a-kind space.

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